Extreme Fat Loss (14 Days)

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  1. Good Lord. I listen to Elliot and I actually LIKE him because he does good
    things. But he also has diarrhea of the mouth and spouts a lot of
    bullshit. Let me simplify. Self-reported Diet and Exercise quantities are
    NOTORIOUSLY inaccurate. If you’ve been losing weight and stopped, it’s
    because you’re eating too much for your exercise/activity level. That’s
    it. That’s all it can be. The solution is to eat less calories and
    increase activity . . . which means cardio. If you do 60 minutes of cardio
    daily, and eat appropriately, it is IMPOSSIBLE not to lose weight. If you
    think you are the exception, then you’re a scientific wonder and belong at
    the Smithsonian . . .

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  3. this tip works, you can do it but not extend it, it’s somewhat similar to
    Dukan diet. Dukan is not unhealthy unless you extend it for more than the
    time allowed to do it

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  5. You mentioned turkey breast is better than chicken breast in the beginning,
    because of the lower fat content. Does lunchmeat from the deli count, or
    is this just processed crap? Thanks…great advice.

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  7. Hey Elliot…i weigh 228lbs, i used to weigh 251 about a month ago, and my
    body fat percentage right now is at 24%. ive been eating nothing but
    steamed chicken and salmon, with fruits and veggies of course, and i work
    out 6 days out of the week with one cheat day (sunday of course being that
    its family day and all) but i seem to be stuck at my current weight -__-
    (228). my scale hasnt moved and im still at 24% body fat, and im going
    crazy cuz im leaving with the army in a few months and my weight needs to
    be down to 195lbs, with a body fat percentage of 20% or less….any advice
    to speed up the process?? i would gladly appreciate it!

  8. Hey Elliot, thanks for the advice. During these two weeks, what kind of
    training would you recommend since the carb intake will be so low?

  9. Just found your website…sub’d and will put this diet to the test…
    Last year I dropped 40 pounds from exercise and diet… now sitting
    stagnant and need to ‘go for it’ again. I’ll give you the results in 2
    weeks. Thanx!

  10. 14 day cleanse to reset your metabolism and increase

    insulin sensitivity.

    3 days – 2 gallons of water every day, eat only tuna

    with water and turkey breast – ie no fat protein sources. Eat green
    veggies, ideally Broccolli.

    3 days – 2 gallons of water every day, keep eating green veggies – switch
    from low fat protein sources to high fat protein sources, ie red meats/pork

    1 or 2 days – carb up – clean carbs like brown rice and sweet potatoes, but
    ONLY half a gallon of water.

    Rinse and repeat.

  11. That was so not a convincing video. Just the lack of awareness and the fact
    that 2 gallons sounds like a lot of water, and too much water can kill you.
    Yeah dying isn’t the same thing as a shock diet. But he will never know
    that because he only reads the thumbs up comments.

  12. Hey would it be ok if i can only drink one gal a day for the first 3 days
    to cause i do not think i can do 2 gals ???

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