1. I’ve dealt with body dysmorphia and eating disorders my whole life… I
    would love to look like you, gorgeous,

  2. Looking at this video obviously made with a lot of love I was wondering how
    through the process of loosing weight you didnt abuse of food.

  3. Awe. You’re so sweet! Lol I’m so proud of you. I have about 70lbs to lose,
    to where I’d personally like to be. You’re an inspiration. Keep it up! &
    Thank you for sharing!! <3

  4. It would be a shame if you did not bulk up when normal people do it so
    easily with Vixen Fat Loss (Look it up on google).

  5. I followed because of the way u said that already skinny people need to be
    super cautious of what they eat…they really DON’T know the struggle of
    being overweight. It truly is a terrible time in my life I am going through
    in middle school… You are very inspiring. ♡♥♡

  6. OMG thank you sooooooo much i finally found someone i can relate to…
    I’ve also always been the fat one in the family i’m 5’0 and used to weight
    169 i’m down to 138 but i still want to loose more weight…You are the
    inspiration i needed…

  7. I really appreciate this video; I’m 5’2 and I’m very curvy. But I know I
    need to lose some weight because being short, any extra weight doesn’t
    flatter my height. I’ve always had a hard time staying on top of working
    out and eating healthier but you’ve truly motivated me… And since you did
    it, I know I can definitely lose the weight too. Thank you so much!! And I
    hope happiness and joy continue to come your way. :)

  8. I think you look great, I had a struggle with my weight, I gained 20 pounds
    with my second child and in the past year gained another 30 pounds due to
    the birth control shot, I am now at my breaking point and decided to make
    the change, I am currently at 175 and want to lose the 50 pounds by my next
    anniversary, so thank you for your video it shows me that I can do it also

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