1. Cardio will always help. Doing 500 calories worth of cardio won’t bring
    down your metabolism down 500 calories that’s ridiculous. Also Lame brings
    up 2 hypothetical persons, one who uses 2000 calories a day and one who
    uses 3000 calories a day. Tell me now, Lame, how can one burn 3000 calories
    a day without being a fat ass or using any drugs? Sitting down probably
    won’t help dumb ass.

  2. I know it’s hard, but it’s more comfortable to listen to the interview when
    you don’t acknowledge what the one you’re interviewing says with
    yeah/right/sure/ofcourse after 2 sentences, because then the listener
    constantly needs to skip between two persons. It’s much easier to just
    listen to one person constantly. Just nodding or just listening helps a lot
    avoiding that annoying comfirmation every time. Just my opinion. Keep up
    the good work.

  3. I’m pretty confused about all of these comments just saying Layne Norton is
    not natty. Does that mean his advice is irrelevant?? So if Phil Heath,
    Ronnie Coleman, or Dorian Yates gave nutrition advice, would they be wrong
    for giving it?? As far as I know, the human body is the human body is the
    human body. The only difference between natty’s and non-natty’s is the
    amount of muscle that is gained, therefore the amount of calories able to
    be consumed.

    Do you ppl think Phil Heath eats what the fuck he wants whenever the fuck
    he wants to and looks like that just cuz he is on gear?? I have know a
    couple ppl medically prescribed clen, lose weight on it, and still look
    bad. You have to look at gear like a turbo and nitro for a car. Sure you
    can spend the money putting all of that into your car, but what good does
    it do on a hyundai with the same HP as a lawnmower? You have to do the
    right things, do the work, and eat right to get the maximum effect out of
    all that gear.

    Like I said, the only diff between gear v no gear is someone who is going
    to look super shredded and chiseled out of granite v someone who is going
    to look good, but all of the information to get there (as long as it is
    sound) is the same. Whether the person giving that information is a
    dickhead doesn’t matter and doesn’t negate the info. The only thing to be
    weary about when it comes to info is when someone is saying something that
    is not conventional that works, like saying they did IIFYM, or eating vegan
    and look like Kai Greene. Ok, now you can talk shit about them and gear
    being the only way to get there using that method. 

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