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  4. I´m a rower and also a student, so I work out 5-7 times a week and I can
    tell you one thing if fitness is your job and you earn a living with it
    like these guys, it´s pretty easy to give advices, but if you´re coming
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  6. hey erikkkkkkk82 ,his list can only be understood with a higher level of
    common sence u know ,should he mention up to the smallest detail ? ya there
    are good and bad calories , but I think even a 12yrs old knows that ,hihi
    ,or maybe ur an 8yr old fatso, hihi,

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  8. This is the most useless list I’ve seen in a long time! All of the
    mentioned mistakes has little to do with weigh loss. Yes you have to eat of
    course, but it’s what you eat rather than counting calories and aiming for
    goals. Your weight loss depends mostly on your hormone levels and that’s
    about it. As long as people don’t realize this, there will be an
    overwhelmingly fat population, as it is today.

  9. hey um, if you workout 7 minutes every
    Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday will you lose weight and change
    heaps,or if you complete the same work out for 2 hours, will that have a
    big affect then 7 minutes?

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