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  1. I really liked this video as it had some good info in it but I could never
    maintain such a boring meal plan with such little variety. I would be bored
    to death which is what would cause failure. Also, please do not misinform
    people, lettuce is not a complex carbohydrate. There is too much water in
    it and not enough qualifying nutrients unlike broccoli, for example.

  2. Awesome video with lots of great info., you now have a new fan and I really
    like the idea of preparing everything for a few days all at once.
    Thank you

  3. Wal-Mart has food scales dirt cheap as well. I got mine for like $14.97
    plus tax and no shipping costs. Great video. This is the first time
    watching you. I’ve got 135 more pounds to lose, already losing 29 pounds.
    I was looking into bariatric surgery but not thinking I’ll do it. 

  4. Great advice. I need to start planning. I doubt I will be measuring my food
    out but making meals ahead of time is a great idea!

  5. 1. How many egg whites do you have for breakfast? 2. How much oatmeal do
    you eat? And how do you prepare it? 3. How many grams of the sweet potato
    are you having for meal #4 and #5?

  6. It really depends on a number of factors. I use the FAB University Meal
    Planning Tool. I created it so I wouldn’t have to guess anymore. With love
    ~Kristin <3

  7. Hi there! Zip me an email. You can find my email address in the “about”
    section on the youtube channel. 🙂 With love ~Kristin <3

  8. Hi Kristin! I tried to use this link that you posted in reply to another
    comment but it keeps telling me “Page Not Found.” Where can I get a meal
    plan myself?

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