1. Woohoo! Nadia is totally blown away by all the support! Thanks everyone! I
    can feel a youtube channel coming on ;-)

  2. Wow! I’ve seen some impressive transformations, but this is amazing. I
    especially respect the fact that you posted a before video too and not just

  3. I’m not as good as her (-26 kg in 18 months), and I achieved my current
    state without knowing about the fruitarian (I discovered it recently cause
    Im a runner and saw TheFruitarian woodstock’s videos about ultrarunning)
    but more or less applying its principles.
    I totally support fruitarian now. (ok, I guess I’m gonna show the video to
    my GF one day, she is still sceptical ^^). keep going and TY !

  4. This is very motivational. She done amazingly well. How do you explain
    the fact she has lost so much weight whilst eating so many calories. The
    only way to lose weight is via a caloric deficit, so how was she burning
    off so many calories?

  5. Nadia you were beautiful before and after. You look really healthy and
    happy. You have been an inspiration to me. Blessings :)

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    cravings at night – no cravings for donuts or sweets at al! It is like a
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  7. You seem to really like each other ,,maybe you should get stuck into each
    other with a couple of cucumbers ,and video that mother fucka 

  8. I think that you both look great, but that is not to say that ladies that
    are not as thin as you both don’t also look great to me. I don’t mean to
    denigrate your efforts, but I don’t want ladies who are more full-figured
    than you both to feel that they aren’t appreciated because, as a
    heterosexual male, I just like femininity no mater what specific form it
    comes in.

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