The Truth About Cardio and Fat Loss

Is cardio REALLY necessary to lose weight, get cut, get shredded, get abs, etc.? In this video I discuss what cardio should really be used for, and how way t…
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  1. Haha short guys always trying to overcompensate for their shortness. Too
    bad there is no exercise too gain inches lol. 

  2. Yeah, I like the cardio (15% incline walking FTW), and I’m coming off a
    layoff and could use some basic cardiovascular conditioning in general. I
    also like food, and cardio lets me cut fast with a lot more food.

  3. I really like that you pointed out that there is a difference between the
    weight you have in fat and in muscle. Really important for viewers not to
    get discouraged when they step on the scale because of this.

  4. You shouldn t even weeks on the fitness-conscious. Losing weight can be
    easier if you have all necessary information Follow to see how I
    lost 27 lb in 3 weeks Lose fat and inches

  5. And it NOT okay to continue fasting effectively and move through it on the
    fast. Losing weight can be easier if you have all necessary information
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  6. Cardio is good ton Warm up body before training an ya heart tool but people
    over do it an thats in anything u over do something u will fail.

  7. Hi Matty , Prasanna here , M ,26 , Height 182 cm (6.1ft) and Weight 91 KG (
    200lbs i think ) I want to lose my belly fat and get lean muscle . I was
    not taking my break fast so long time due to work and directly start
    eatting in lunch . Now i cant let my body go its own way . I want it in my
    way of fit with lean muscle . Please suggest me nutritions and food to eat
    along with workouts . Thanks Prasanna Selvaraju

  8. I don’t know. I think pounding a womans fur burger is a good way to burn a
    lot of calories unless you are a minute man.

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  11. I dont think 30 mins of jogging is not going to do much, honestly. Its very
    healthy for your heart too. But if you feel like you will still be at a
    deficit or maint then go ahead and add an extra 200 calories to your diet..
    From your situation it seems like youre bulking?

  12. types of cardio – walking, running,jogging,stair master,swimming, riding a
    bike. these are some of the few popular types of cardio.

  13. Do you have / offer out sample workout routines or your daily nutrition
    plan out? I figure you’re probably getting paid for that by now but thought
    I would ask.. been diggin’ the videos; well done, sir

  14. Have you experienced Trim Fat Maximizer? (check it out on google) It is a
    quick and easy way for you to burn calories fast.

  15. Not according to the YouTube channel bios3training. He says jay cutler does
    cardio everyday so I have to too. I’m not on gear so I thought that was
    funny. He disagreed when I said most of your weight loss should come from a
    300-500 daily caloric deficit.

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