1. what if you drink something like iced tea before bed does that matter,
    cause i normally drink somethiing before bed, and i wake up and drink stuff
    to cause i get thirsty

  2. Have you seen “Crankmax fat loss”? (do a google search for it) It is a
    quick and easy way to burn off fat fast.

  3. Great video and well presented. I’ve been fasting for a few months now and
    can see and feel myself getting much leaner. It works wonders for me
    compared to 6 small meals per day diet

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  5. Great stuff. About a year ago I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue due to
    high levels of cortisol. Does I.F. increase Cortisol production? Thanks!

  6. Heyy, i thought this video after was very interesting, Im 33 yrs old and
    have had brain surgery afterward had radiation which stunted my growth
    hormones, but when i saw this video, it gave me hope that maybe this might
    work for me.I’ve always had a problem with trying lose weight but im gonna
    try this myself and see if it works for me:0)))))) veryyyyyyy optimistic

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