Eat Carbs With Protein To Maximize Fat Loss???


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  1. You actually can lose fat on a high carb diet. If you eat a low % calories
    from fat your blood sugar and insulin will stay low. You can actually eat
    an inordinate amount of calories doing this and not see any b sugar spikes
    (I eat 4-5k a day at a maintenance of 2800 and lose body fat if I don’t
    raise my fat consumption above 10% total calories)

  2. exactly, it’s the same shit, just different variations…. no one is going
    to find the optimal diet or training split. just stick to something and
    make GAINZ

  3. Started intermittent fast last sunday and i been working out at my school
    weight room after school and i just got my whey protein hope that can help
    too im at 240ish loss 10 pounds!!

  4. will a post workout shake spike my insulin level,??? coz i take my post
    workout shake during i workout i hope it is not stopping my body from
    burning fat ,plzz someone reply nedd help??

  5. just about everything regarding fitness is bro-science, there is no one
    thing that will work perfectly for everyone, besides steroids

  6. Have you heard about “crankmax fat loss”? (do a google search for it) It
    is a quick and easy way to burn calories fast.

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  8. No, a surplus of calories make you fat not a specific macronutrient… Btw,
    I think your caps lock broke, you might want to get that fixed.

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