Leptin: Fat Loss for Smart People!

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  1. I have an ebook version of Dark Side of Fat loss. That is a great source of
    information even if you don’t want to loose fat. It gives you insight on
    the processes that are happening in our bodies.

    Right now I’m going to my second read of that book, this time with a
    notebook, I’m gonna take notes for a better understanding and memorise its
    content 🙂

    Thanks for the great work Sean!

  2. High carb vegan 80/10/10 raw till 4 the healthiest way to eat check it out
    stay slim eat a ton of amazing living food from god and meet all the
    nutritional mineral vitamin needs 

  3. Thanks for keeping it real and simple! OK, so I’m at the gym 2 days on, 1
    day off, on a high protein, carbs from veggies diet and it’s working
    great! I’ve now lost 7.5 lbs in 2 weeks. I am wondering if I am going to
    nose dive due to drastically cutting calories through eliminating fructose
    and wheat carbs and cause myself to go back into fat storage….there’s
    gotta be something that makes sense for smart people :)

  4. Great Video! As a medical person I respect those who can communicate in
    words ordinary people can understand.

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