Thigh Exercises For Losing Fat

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  1. I have my problems with my ankle not like health problems like fracture or
    anything but my ankles are damn fat as in seriously the upper part of my
    body is slim but my lower part is fat. what should i do? please do help me,
    i really need it

    my BMI is normal :)

  2. omg I was on Skype to ma bff charlotte im 10 she is 11 and im saying COME

  3. I run quite often and I train thrice a day (softball). My arms are fine (I
    think) but my thighs just wouldn’t slim down? Does anyone have any healthy
    dieting tips and how I can slim my legs down? 

  4. Day 2: woo! My heart is pounding and I definitely broke a sweat! Those
    skater hops are what really got my blood pumping and after that I was
    really feeling the burn but I still pushed through and kept up! Now im
    gonna check out another one of your vids!


  5. Okay I’m sorry to complain again but I can’t do these ex resizes that
    require knee movement but I need to lose leg fat, can you please make a
    video with less knee strain please

  6. When doing one of the workouts, it started to make my hips hurt. Does that
    mean I’m doing it wrong? (fire workout)

  7. That workout was super fun to do, the time went so quickly and I really
    felt the burn in both of my thighs! Defiantly a workout I will do once a
    day! Thank you so much

  8. The plank leg lifts KILLED me!!! I don’t know how she even did them for 20
    seconds! But I love Kelsey- she’s so cute and positive and working out
    with her is so much better than doing it alone!

  9. But we can’t spot reduce fat… We can tone, but to lose fat, I thought we
    need to work our whole body?

  10. I’ve been doing this workout a few times a week for a while now, and it’s
    awesome! Always feeling the burn & I love that it’s short and effective! 🙂

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