1. I don’t understand yr med name u should spell it out and some of things not
    here in Scotland so plz u tell us other things if we can used.

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  3. please dr sahib mera masla skin per brown til hain jo kuch halkay b hain ar
    kuch dark b hain.nose ar gaalon pe til hain .please koi acha sa nuskh
    btaien khw khnay k liay ho ya lganay k liay .me bohat preshaan hun.thanks

  4. Hi Dr u are very sweet I love the way u talking very nice I just want to
    know about fat on stomach my skin jesse latak si gye hai plz Dr tell me
    somthing so my skin can be tight or one thing more I got blemishes on my
    face for long time it’s about 16years old nd now I got black till on my
    face not to much but still look bad please sir can u help me I’m indian but
    I’m living in uk hope u give my ansar soon thanx so much for ur help u
    program is really very very nice n helping so many people than

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  7. DR.I M Sulakshana Chavan from Kolhapur Maharastra -India I saw ur weight
    loss formula videos but i cant get 1st item gudmarguti Please tell me the
    meaning of taht in hindi,my email id is svchavanvp@gmail.com

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