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  2. 2:44 hey mate there’s something on the right at your back like a shadow
    passing or something…

  3. Hey I agree with that guy at 2:44 a see a shadow looks female walking be
    hide you- do you experience anything unnatural in your home?

  4. You can get omega 3’s through coconut oil as well. It’s great to eat & as a
    moisturizer that can help strengthen skin.

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  6. *Me too **+summerlove94** ! At first, I was confused about how I got*
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    *my genetics and I can never get rid of it. And after*
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  7. Nice vid. man,,need your help bro, i am a filipino i am 200lbs and 5’7 in
    height,,i’m trying to loose weight, i do some 30 mins.cardio and 2 hrs of
    lifting weights in gym,my most concern is having a loose skin,,my diet, a
    bowl of veggies and lean chicken breast or lean meat everyday,and avoiding
    softdrinks and junk foods,,,i want to ask if i’m on the right track in
    loosing weight?

  8. +Kenshin Bhx
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