2. I used to spend close to $200 per month on garbage food (chicken nuggets,
    pizzas, lunch meats, cereals, crackers, etc.) to feed two adults and for
    the last week to two weeks of the month, we were just scraping by with
    empty cabinets.

    I switched to buying healthy options and from picking and choosing which
    healthy foods to get to still have a fairly balanced diet, I now spend
    about $120 per month for two adults and my cabinets, freezer, and fridge
    always has something to eat. I had to be a bit restrictive and we only
    change up a few options each month, but it is possible!

  3. Trader joes is over priced. My favorite place to shop is winco.
    Unfortunately where I live now winco isn’t conveniently located.

    Organic produce is fine and dandy, I like to buy organic. That said, there
    is nothing wrong with buying conventional produce if you can’t afford

  4. 2.5 oz packets of bumble bee tuna were recently on sale for 88cents at my
    local supermarket. 16grams of protein for less than a buck.

  5. Wow I wish I had a trader joes here, that stuff you just purchased would
    cost me more like 85-$90. Watch out with the organic frozen produce, I
    thought I scored on some at Grocery outlet but it was from china and food
    from china is not ok! Not sure about trader joes but safeway, Albertsons
    and walmart are my options and the bulk of the frozen produce is from china
    where the soil is depleted of nutrients and seriously polluted. :(

  6. Well, these are good advices for americans, but in my country organic food
    is double priced and average salary is around 400$. I try to eat lean and
    clean, but mostly I can only afford regular meat, eggs, veggies and fruits.
    Also, they don’t have organic food in big supermarkets, only in small,
    expensive stores. But I still think it’s better to eat non-organic meat
    with non-organic vegetables and quinoa from time to time, than a 2 dollar
    frozen pizza. 

  7. What about when your budget stretches to like, £12/week ($20) maximum?
    That’s what I have to do, and believe me, eating meat on a budget like that
    is tough.

  8. I left a negative comment on your video about quitting coffee. So to
    balance out the scale a bit, I wanna say KUDOS on this video. Every word
    you say rhymes with truth. I am going to continue buying the cheaper
    blueberries and start washing them first. I like how the video gives a
    WHOLE-istic lifestyle approach when it comes to healthy eating. I haven’t
    had cable for years. Spending money only on hulu and netflix does
    definitly add 100+ bucks that my wife and I spend on what we put in our
    bodies every week. What could be more important?

  9. Great vid, but if one doesn’t have a job, i believe thats a valid excuse.
    no money, no food.

  10. Amen to that… especially about paying for cable and making goal oriented
    choices. Thanks again for another great video with helpful and timely tips.

    If you want something, you will find a way, and, if you don’t, you will
    find an excuse.

  11. I love this video because you mentioned my favorite food store Trader
    Joe’s, and other things as well ;). It’s my favorite store because it’s
    really cheap for high quality food, and it has barely to no chemicals; And
    also, their name brand is also most importantly non GMO!!!. We are lucky
    enough to have many where I live. We went there the other day and got two
    baskets full of food for just $256 dollars, and everything being no more
    than $4.99. I really can’t believe how much food we got(We filled our
    fridge and freezer, and even the extra freezer plus the cabinets), and we
    got a lot of organic things also. My BF always complains about how much We
    spend, but not at Trader Joe’s. I’m in love with that store. 

  12. To ordinary folks who want to burn fat some day, Copy and Paste into Google
    Skinnimaker System and get started.

  13. I don’t even think there are any trader joes in texas. There’s one in Katy
    Texas coming soon but that’s way too far from where I live. There aren’t
    any Farmers Markets around either. :/ All I have is Walmart and HEB.

  14. I hate that all the local food stores are not organic 🙁 the new fresh
    market and stuff are 65 miles away.:(

  15. If you desire to get ripped, you should look up on Google “Hexcul Ripped
    Max”. You are bound to get the body you deserve.

  16. +Hope Wiley I agree with you, I am in the same position as you (living with
    parents). Planning is the key to succeeding. I noticed that if I didn’t
    leave my 1 day to prepare my 1 week of meals, I fail the whole week and end
    up in the viscous cycle of not eating clean. So kudos! 

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