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how to lose weight fast

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  1. Hey guys, have you discovered Aston Fat Furnace? (just google it) You will
    find out how to lose pounds.

  2. Everyone is different when it comes to gas? I might be able to help you if
    we did a consult. To hard to guess though with the limited info I have from
    YT. Quinoa is great!! When Juicing its very important to combine
    ingredients correctly. In my ebook super juice i give 30 amazing recipes
    and teach people the basics of food combining. You can find it on my
    website 🙂 Super stoked your taking these healthy steps in your life!!

  3. Love this video! Thank you! I would love for you to do a video about what
    foods cause gas and hurts your stomach. This has happened a few times to me
    after juicing and a salad for dinner. I am new to juicing/blending- no
    processed etc. (You have inspired me so very much!) In two months I have
    lost 18 lbs. (seems slow to me, but I feel so much better already! energy,
    attitude, etc) Also… what is your take on Quinoa? Again… Thank you SO

  4. I really like your channel and your vido’s, you telling the truth brother.
    I have to sub to your channel

  5. Thanks! My goal is to share with people what I have learned, no agenda,
    just truth. and the sharing of my experiences!!

  6. If you want to lose weight effeciently, you might want to Google the term
    “Lexus Fat Blast”. You are going to get the beach body you merit.

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