Weight loss vlog: What I ate to loose over 75lbs

Hi beautiful people 🙂 Im all over the place with this blog and seem a little crazy but I hope you enjoy lol! Instagram name: Kimberlyuhles1.
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  1. I have to say i love u!!! The minute someone tells me i cant have something
    then it pisses me off that i cant have it and i want it even more or i have
    it to spite. I am sooo like you. I started my journey by just getting off
    my ass and not calling what i’m doing a diet. I want to see results but
    i’m not going to deprive myself and i just use common sense and not eating
    because i want that but eating because i need too. I started just like
    you, no soda and no fast food besides subway and i am just fine with this
    for now. thank you for your honesty!!!! You should go back to the
    trainer, yeah bitch, how you like me now? LOL!

  2. A meal prep plan would be great! You are funny! “chew on celery all day”
    lol. Keep on making vids as that is my motto, you don’t have to starve or
    change all the ways right away. It’s all about baby steps!

  3. That’s soooo true about the soda, I just started to cut out the soda &
    actually did a pepsi challenge & other better choices. I understand about
    wanting the bread & other things, but you are sooo right about portion
    control. I think that is the key! Thanks for sharing & I just subbed, hope
    you sub back if you like! I have hauls & other organizing things for life
    on my channel, thanks! 

  4. You did an awesome job!! I’m on my wight loss journey too, doing videos
    and writing a blog about it. its great to find support here. Subscribe!

  5. I like your attitude. You can have whatever you want as long as you are
    maintaining a calorie deficit you will lose weight — its that’s simple.
    People for some reason can’t understand this concept and think you have to
    eat only certain foods to lose weight. 

  6. I love this!! This has made me a bit more confident in losing the weight I
    need to! It’s actually nice to hear you didn’t just start eating healthy!
    It’s so hard to just do! Your awesome! Please keep doing these (:. 

  7. This was a huge inspiration for me. I have a lot of weight to loose and the
    thought of dieting and cutting out all the foods I love scares me!! This
    was a big eye opener.

    Pls do more food videos like good tasting “”healthier”” options. 

  8. Ahhhhhh…..Cheat days are so bad, it’s like a junkie, right now I’m doing
    portion control and conscious control to not eat every brownie in the
    house….I’m winnin.

  9. To average folks who want to melt fat–but can’t get started. Copy And
    Paste into Google Skinnimaker System right away.

  10. I couldn’t give up ranch either, I switched to yogurt ranch.
    Congratulations on losing 75 lbs. 

  11. If you have been trying to shed pounds, you should google Skinnimaker
    System. You are bound to get the body you deserve.

  12. What you are eating is fine !!! You have to do what works for you. The
    fact that you cut out the fast food and soda is major. So the ranch
    dressing – go for it. Congrats to you – you look wonderful and must feel

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