Eating Habits For Fat Loss

Lose Belly Fat Fast: Hey, It’s Jonny today, I am here to talk about how eat to lose fat. Listen up because these tips can he…
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  1. My question is what if I want to grow muscle do I need more calories or
    less. My weight is 188lbs my height is 5″10 help?

  2. What Is Your Body Type?
    My score is 1.33.
    My body is between an EndoMorph and a Mesomorph. Choose a middle approach
    between the follow recommendations. my problem is I get to bulky and
    muscular even though i’m a female.

  3. Did he just say working in retail is “active” Not many calories burned off
    working in Walmart or Neiman Marcus, but the rest of the advice is pretty
    solid stuff.

  4. Your videos have made me want to really get in shape. I weight 320 when i
    came across your videos. I been follow workout taking my blood pressure
    pills and eating right. Im done to 308 now i appreciate your vids they are
    slowly changing my life. But dude planks are killing me. I feel like im
    gonna die but i can do ten. Then im out of breathe. But again thanks.

  5. Oh hi! The information in this video is not bad. Anyway, have you tried :
    Kurk Weight Loss Gem (Google it. I can’t remember the website)? I have
    heard some interesting things about it and my sister in law got cool weight
    loss results with it. 

  6. say you were eating a 1200 cal diet for weight loss and you eat 1150 so
    that’s a 50 cal deficit a day but then you train for an hour so the deficit
    will be a lot greater as you have burned some cal during the workout does
    that mean you have to eat more with in the day so there is not such a
    huge deficit? Does this matter at all? Or should this person in the
    scenario be eating the full 1200 cal a day then, with the work out that
    creates the deficit?

    Does anyone know this answer as I am confused about this deficit jonny was
    explaining. thanks team : )

  7. I think this is some great advice BUT.. if you’re talking about small
    meals? why wouldn’t you say wich kind of meals or what we can eat and what

  8. You guys are amazing. I’m from Germany and i don’t find such really
    professsionell persons like you. Your videos are soo good and funny! I
    loveeee your videos.! :)))

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