How To Lose Belly Fat – 5 Reasons You Can’t Burn Your Belly Fat

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  1. i hear ya…. i was 292. in 2011.. now im 174 .. 6’1.. i did alot of
    things. tryed everything.. even counted calories… 174 is good, but not
    for me. i lost alot of lean muscle counting calories, i know this now..
    ooops.. im very weak now, i need some sort of plan…

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  3. To ordinary people who want to get skinnier some day, Go and Google
    Skinnimaker System and get started.

  4. This all sounds good, but guess what? I’m 5’10”, 153, about 15% bodyfat,
    and i have a huge gut. I eat PERFECTLY, ONLY healthy food, no soda, beer,
    junk food, sugar, anything and i still have a gut. I’m so lean everywhere
    else it makes no fucking sense. i have veins in my arms and biceps. i do
    cardio 4 days a week, at least, and i weight train like 4 to 5 days a

  5. Can you please help me with a routine? Im 15 5’5 160 lbs and 14-15% body
    fat. Im trying to get down to 10% but i cant. I have been gaining muscle
    but no fat loss. I will tell you my weekly workout plan and diet but can
    you please help me??

  6. I diet and the cardio I do is just a hard sprint, I sprint till I can not
    even stand up anymore, it doesn’t seem to work.

  7. Hello, I’m trying to lose some body fat in my abdominal area, and I have
    been doing the workout, “Insanity” for about 3 months now. I’ve lost a lot
    of weight, but I’m looking to improve my diet, and all of the little things
    to help out. I mainly need help on the diet part. I don’t know when to take
    in carbs, how much fat I should have, and what I need to lose the last
    twenty pounds. I am 5′ 11, about 180lb. Thanks!

  8. does your programme help to lose overall weight? Im a female and I had two
    babies and I still have a belly and Im overweight. Thanks.

  9. This Guy Vince is so cool ! He’s the “Real Deal” ,his routines and
    knowledge is First rate and his Physique is Too !

  10. Never EVER give up hope. Nothing ever happens in your body or in your life
    without a reason. Shoot me an email and let’s see what’s going on.

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