MY FAT LOSS PROGRAM — http://www.LeanSecrets.com Liquids I love: Hemp milk Flax milk So Delicious brand coconut milk Harmless harvest coconut water Smoothie…
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  1. Amazingly helpful! Got some other great ideas from this. I need to start
    looking for other milk substitutes but they’re so hard to find/expensive in
    Korea. Any other good bases for smoothies? I tend to just stick with water

  2. I need to experiment more with adding avocado in my smoothies:) Great
    recipes Brenda! 

  3. soy is NOT disruptive to your endocrine system, it does not interfere with
    your hormones, or anything like that. unless you have severe thyroid
    problems, soy products, including soy milk, are beneficial and can help in
    the fight of various cancers, including breast and ovaries cancer.

    watch Dr. Greger’s “how much soy is too much” video on nutritionfacts
    and/or read Jack Norris “Response to `Not Soy Fast`” article.

  4. Thank you so much for these smoothie ideas! I especially love the Healthy
    Fats Smoothie and I’m going to start with that one first. I’m so glad you
    gave us one that will help keep our skin smooth and “moisturized” – can’t
    wait to try it! It’s so cool learning about healthy ingredients to use that
    I never knew about. I put this video in my favorites so I can refer to it
    easily – I love your videos :)

  5. I love using Garden of life, I also use coconut water sometimes coconut
    milk (if I’m out of the water) Flaxseeds and chia seeds and different
    fruits but you gave me some great ideas Thanks….Now I finna go make me a

  6. What kind of protein should I use I’m in a wheelchair so I can’t really
    work out 

  7. Hey girl,
    I just found your page, and I love the way you present the smoothies.
    Will try them all 

  8. hey hey! This video is great. Yet, have you tried – Kurk Weight Loss Gem
    (do a google search)? I have heard some interesting things about that
    system and my mate got very good results by using it.

  9. Brenda can you make a video on vitamins and supplements? i know you’ve made
    videos on supplements but id like to know if you’ve discovered some new
    awesome ones! thank you xoxo

  10. What’s the best protein powder for smoothies to use for losing a large
    amount of weight? 

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