Fasted Cardio & Fat Burning Pills

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  1. “You are what you eat”
    You really can burn body fat quicker, more effective by eating the real
    good food.

  2. Thanks for the video Elliot. Actually you can still buy Guaraná Powder
    (guarana it’s a brazilian vine, its seeds are used to produce soft drinks
    and fat burning shit, it’s also used on redbull if i’m not wrong) in the
    US, u can buy it from amazon tbh. It’s a great source of caffeine and
    really effective for fat burning. A gram of guaraná powder contains 40
    miligrams of caffeine, so it’s really cost-effective (at least down here in

    Just a curiosity tho. Thanks for the vid.

  3. Hiya, have you seen Exyph Fat Loss? (Google it) You will discover the
    crimes we commit against our bodies. With Exyph Fat Loss, you will discover
    how to burn fat quickly.

  4. For Ultrafast results, try ExprezSliminizer. Omg friends, you can really
    lose 15 kgs in just 1 month. Its totally legit as I myself have lost 17 kgs
    in one month. You all must try. Hit google and type ExprezSliminizer.

  5. Yo Elliot! What about lifting while in a fasted state? Or sports training
    while in a fasted state? (Specifically basketball training) (HIBT) High
    intensity basketball training?

  6. I walk for an hour in the morning and take BSN’s HyperShred before I lift.
    Getting good results so far and I have only been doing this routine for
    about 3 weeks. Granted, I also eat good food and no dessert.

  7. Oh hello. The information in this video clip is good. Anyway, have you
    heard the buzz about : Kurk Weight Loss Gem (Have a quick look on google )?
    I have heard some great things about the program and my mom got excellent
    weight loss results with it.

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