Try out this yOGA For Weightloss with Cindie!!!
    Leave a Comment and Share with Your Circles!! :)

  2. Can’t wait to try the! I’ve been working on Cindie’s 10 minute ab workout
    daily and that one is intense and love it! Thanks!

  3. man, how I wish I have that back strength, it would be so awesome for my
    posture, well done, great video (:

  4. Definitely NOT a beginners video like it says in description. Beginning at
    around 11:35 that is a position that not everyone can do.
    But besides that, good video 🙂
    I enjoy all your health tips and videos

  5. my body has stretched in ways i never thought it could. LOL XD i did it,
    but now i have a wicked headache (im extremely lazy) :3

  6. It’s been 1 week at the beginning I try to do each pose, now I’m able to do
    each pose once!!! I know in the future i will be able to do the whole thing

  7. Woman’s body already contains the losing weight hormone, all you need to do
    is to make your weight-loss hormone working, this procedure called
    Metabolic Override. And then, you can lose fat quickly without restricting
    the foods you crave most

  8. I’ve never done yoga before, and I am 5 months postpartum and recovering
    from my second c-section. I thought this was simple enough, it gave me a
    sweat which is what I’m sure you were aiming for. Great video :)

  9. The tattoos are ugly, makes her look like a whore, in no case an
    instructor, but a sex instructor :))

  10. You are amazing, Cindie! It’ll take me months to be able to do all these
    positions! I feel like a 98-lb weakling, trying to do these! Great video!

  11. How tall are you? You make that room look tiny! I feel like im watching
    that seen from the Bruce Lee movie where he fights Kareem Abdul Jabber! (
    Very Tall Black guy) 

  12. You are a awesome yoga teacher. Some of the positions scray me. Have some
    lowerback issues. I am gonna try to do some of them. Thank you for making
    this great instructional vid.

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