1. You remind me of me, i was 140kg at 19 and was heading the same way as you
    were, i asked myself that if i cant lose 50kg to save my own life then how
    could i possibly be successful in anything else that i do, when i lost the
    weight i realized that i could achieve anything, anyone can, you just need
    to achieve a goal before you realize that you can.

  2. Wow, fantastic! Thank you for sharing this, you’re an inspiration. My
    height is 168cm (5’6) and I’m about 84.5 kilos (186 pounds) and I’m going
    to lose weight now!

  3. tell me what i need to know calvo , how did you deel with
    the loss skin , ?!! plz i want to know cause its clear
    you had some in the video , so tell us how to remove this shit >< sorry

  4. I was 307 pounds at my heaviest. Now 217 after a year. Still got a way to
    go but ill get there!

  5. I am pretty jealous right now. When you were at your heaviest you were a
    good looking guy and now after all the weight loss you are REALLY good
    looking. You have inspired me on my journey from 260 (2003) to 220 (2014)
    my first goal is to get below 200. I have subscribed.

  6. Amazing transformation! I’m doing the same because I’ve realised in 7th of
    january, 2013 that things can’t go like this anymore. I started working
    out, eat healthier + intermittent fasting. Since then I’ve lost 35kgs and I
    feel much better. Although the journey just started, I know I’ll reach my
    goal. The only thing I didn’t like about my weight loss is the loose skin,
    but that’s only a small price I have to pay to be healthier :)

  7. it’s good that you decided to loose weight earlier in your life than later
    because since your still so young your skin will be able to tighten up that
    loose skin quicker and easier than if you were older.

  8. I want you to know your videos inspire me im 16 and weight 304 my heaviest
    is 325 i lost my dad back in august and im gonna do this for him and myself
    because he was always worried about me and would say “im not gonna burry my
    son. My son is gonna burry me”.

  9. Very inspiring! Starting my journey today. I just put up a before A very
    embarrassing before video and hoping to have some results in a couple
    weeks! And could use all the encouragement I could get!

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