1. You can remove stretchmarks, no matter if you’re woman or man, dark toned
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  3. If you have stretch marks you SHOULD wear a bikini more than anyone. If you
    let your stretch marks get a little bit of sunshine, they will fade. They
    won’t disappear, but fade :)

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  11. lol screw that i’m gonna wear a bikini,that’s me all day!! I mean who cares
    if u got stretch marks,your still beautiful!And if u r a girl with stretch
    marks and u feel like no man is gonna except u as u,don’t believe that
    because only a REAL! man will see behind those ugly stretch and see a real
    beautiful woman!

  12. Your wt loss journey is inspiring but you are so annoying….. Can you not
    be so conceited? !!! This vid was so not helpful

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