My Weight Loss: How I Lost A Quarter of my Body Weight

Sorry it’s so long, I couldn’t think of what to cut out! MakeupGeek’s Video: Getting in touch with me: PINTEREST: …

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  1. Hi, Kayley!
    Just wanted to let you know I wrote you this long note to send to your
    inbox just sharing what I was going through as another sister in Christ in
    a similar season of life. I’d not like to share it all publicly so if there
    is a way to reach you please let me know since your Inbox is private.

  2. This video helped me a lot and have such a beautiful message! Thank you!
    Mwah~<3 and lots of love!

  3. Humans aren’t ment to drink milk or have diary every day, we are mammals
    and we should only drink milk from our mother (o you can call it human
    milk), and stop at most at a year of age because our bodies stop producing
    the enzymes that brake up diary around that age. On top of that drinking
    milk from other animals only makes it harder for our bodies to digest it.
    I’ve been allergic (yes, not same as intolerant) all my life and felt that
    I was missing on so much, but then realized that it all had a reason for
    being like that. It was an awesome video, thanks a lot!

  4. Wow, I always thought about my diet but I always got depressed about how I
    wasn’t able to really work out in a gym like how I would like to be able
    too since I have no car or a job. Just last weekend I was prom dress
    shopping with my mom and my best friend, who’s a size five may I add, and I
    got really depressed because I had to get a size 16 dress when my dress for
    homecoming was 13 and I was trying so hard not to cry and I was trying to
    keep it all in. I never really knew ways to loose my weight but watching
    this video really helped me because I eat a lot of sugar and processed
    food. I’ve tried diets but I can never stick to them so hopefully this
    helps(cross my fingers). Honestly when you started to get emotional is when
    I really got inspired and emotional myself.

  5. hi! i just wanted to thank you for sharing such healthy information on
    weight loss. i’m 5 feet 2 and 161 pounds, so this video is really
    inspiring(is it written like that?) now, my problem is: i’m italian so i
    eat a lot of pasta.

  6. on your other video you spoke about f lpack and I visited their site wich
    looked nice. any other users around please tell me your review

  7. Amazing video! I was 162 pounds and 5’3 in 2012 I lost 31 pounds in a year.
    February of last year 2013 I weighted 131pounds and have now gained 8 back
    on me in this year. Your video has great advise and I will try it out, you
    have motivated me! Thanx :)

  8. This is probably too late for you to see what I have to say but I found
    this video wonderful! I’ve loved your videos and trying out the hairstyles,
    and once you said you loved Benedict Cumberbatch in another video I thought
    you were even better. But to make a video that is so honest I find really
    inspiring and helpful, I have tried everything to be skinny, feeling like
    that’s the only way people will like me, but I really really have found
    this useful, thank you Kayley Melissa! xx

  9. i always find myself coming back to this video, to remind myself that my
    worth has nothing to do with my weight.
    you’re words here are absolutely beautiful kayley! thank you so much.
    thank you for sharing your story with the world, i am so happy you’ve
    finally found your ‘happy’. thanks again! 

  10. I finished the video! xD
    Most of what you said were things I kind of learned with all my trials at
    dieting so it’s really awesome to hear you voice it out. :)

  11. I feel so empowered after watching this video! Thank you so much, Kayley. I
    really believe I can do it now.
    Congratulations for getting the crazy out of eating and exercising!:)

  12. Hi Kayley!
    I’m still probably pretty young to be worrying about my weight too much
    (I’m 15) but this was really helpful. I am normally pretty slim (UK size 6)
    but my weight tends to fluctuate a lot around exams and holidays. You gave
    me some really good ideas on how to become a generally more healthy person
    so i just wanted to say thank you!

  13. I made it to the end! lol
    But in all seriousness this was really helpful. It’s nice to hear that
    someone had a similar situation to myself, and seeing that it is possible
    to make a change. I’ve been trying to figure out how to really just start
    the whole process, and this video just really helped on how I can start. A
    lot of the things you hear about how to deal with weight loss almost sound
    like telling you to jump into it even though I know that’s not how to go
    about it. So thank you, this video is now in my favorites so I can look
    back to it again when I need to get that extra push of motivation, or if I
    loose my way. Just thank you :)

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