1. This was my favorite one! I don’t know how many times I teared up. What an
    awesome guy Bob is. And I love the fact that he bonded with Chris so well.
    So deserving for such hard work and dedication. Bob is my hero!

  2. Hands down favorite episode. Seriously an inspiration. One tough mother
    trucker right there, lemme tell ya! 

  3. The best thing about this episode is you can see Chris and Bob bonding and
    making such a great friendship. so meaningful :)

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  5. It’s unbelievable! It is so great that Bob found force in himself and lost
    extra weight. I hope that his example can be an inspiration for other

  6. At the end, Bob’s wife is just like: “Oh my God, my husband is so handsome”
    hahaha. Truly inspiring story.

  7. This is so damn good season, BOB gave his all and it paid off. Big
    respect to this guy. 2 thumbs up!.

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