3 Fat Loss Tips For Women

How to lose your belly fat: http://sixpackshortcuts.com/rd55 Hey Guys! Welcome back to the Insane Home Fat Loss YouTube Channel. In today’s episode Sanela is…
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  1. My main suspects for women getting fat:
    1) Women started going to college in droves, where they lapsed into poor
    eating habits.
    2) Thanks in part to the college experience, women became hard-chugging
    boozehounds. Remember when the man would drink a beer or something harder
    and the dainty woman would order a sherry? Me neither.
    3) The rise of Starbucks: the calories from all those fancy, sugary lattes
    have to go somewhere.
    4) The ubiquity of cheap fast food.
    When Caroline Kennedy put on a lot of weight as a chubby teenager in the
    early 1970s, her ever lithely mother bluntly told her that no man (of
    quality) would ever want to marry her–famous surname or not. On her
    wedding day two decades later, she was skinny as a rail.

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  6. when I had depression, I didn’t eat too; but I started to eat healthy foods
    and went to church. It naturally made me feel better! Thanks for the advice!

  7. this is so helpful, me and my mum and sister are all trying to lose weight
    and improve our lifestyle together and these tips are so easy to follow and
    I love that they’re told by a real person!

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  9. although there are 100s of ways to sherd weight green tea plays a major
    role in the filed but you have to find the right green tea not all in the
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  10. Hi Sanela n Mike, love your videos and today i finish my first work out
    with Sonela, I’m a mom 3 girls.and 25 lb. for 4 years I been at the gym
    killing it at first I notice the change others too notice, but I really
    didn’t loose more then 5 pounds from 155 to 150 or 149, but never pass that
    NEVER am 37 152, lb 5 ft taking care of diet, protein shakes, lean meats,
    water. NADA!!!!! :O( Hope i can do what you say 1 work out a day 4/5 days a
    week. Thank you!! Sanela n Mike

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