Losing 30lbs in 80 Days with Lyle McDonald’s Rapid Fatloss Handbook

Get the RFL eBook: http://www.powerliftingtowin.com/rapid-fatloss-handbook3 Get Syntrax Matrix 5.0: http://www.powerliftingtowin.com/syntrax-matrix-5 For a full list of the supplements I took…

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  1. Excellent video. Perfect explanation. I greatly appreciate this as it will
    help me in my personal attempt at RFL.

  2. Would doing this for just a week or two be beneficial while running
    something like canditos program?

  3. Man, your channel is about to explote….. so nice and fuking serious
    content… my favority so far… waiting for the nutritional series….

  4. can i ask what weight do you maintain now i know you dropped to one165 but
    what is your everyday

  5. I’m having trouble viewing comments..did you take 7-14 day diet break or
    run through the straight 80 days before your diet break?

  6. Comprehensive review. Had some experience with Lyle’s Ultimate DIet 2.0 in
    preparation for my last natural bodybuilding contest. I used it in
    combination with IF principles and had some good results. I blogged about
    my experiences here –

    UD 2.0 is very effective, but complete hell on Earth to endure. I still use
    IF to this day as it is the most simple and effective approach to nutrition

  7. I want to run this form July 27th, till August 1st. I have a Fight August
    1st, and I’ll be honest, I over did it in the off season, Do you think 35
    day’s is doable? my only problem is I also have a job that on somedays can
    be very physical, I plan on getting 150-200g’s of protein a day, and
    essentially just that (With fish oils, and Multi Vitamins)

    I’m fairly strong, and I’m scared to lose my numbers.


    I realize you only trained 2-3 time’s a week, do you believe that is
    sufficient in keeping mass? I’m addicted to working out, and I love getting
    stronger, I’m currently at 210 6’0, but I need to get to 185lbs (I’m
    carrying a bunch of water weight probably) I’m presently at 17-18% BF, but
    I’m not worried about that, It’s the weight in that is worrying me.

    I have a diet set up in term’s of calorie’s, with selective food’s, I’m
    able to get in 180g’s of protein for about 850-900 calorie’s, I just don’t
    know how this is psychologically, am I going to end up binging etc… I
    want to run it with EC stack (No aspirin)

    My question is, how hard was it for 30 days? I hear it’s the hardest the
    first week, but after that the progression you see in the mirror is
    motivating enough to deal with the shit your body go’s threw.

    I also want to ask, do you have to do the refeeds? are they worth it? 

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