1. How long should it take to get some results? I have my upper abs already,
    how long till I can see my full 6 pack?

  2. Hi Everyone!

    In my latest vvideo I show you and extreme home fat loss workout that will
    have you burn more calories in 25 minutes then most other hour long

    This workout uses powerful full body and core exercises to give you a
    massive after burn affect that will help you burn fat for up to 24 hours
    afterwards. The best part is that it only takes 25 minutes!

    ENJOY and let me know how you got on!

    We also just updated our new Protimer app and you can now get on Android
    and Apple.

    Get our free ProTimer Interval Timer app here:

    Chat soon

    Peter Carvell

  3. Awesome , Peter I really like the workout structure and especially the app
    is just great. Thank you so much brother for your help. I have gained lots
    of muscles by following your exercises and now going for a six pack !

  4. Is it really possible to lose fat while exercising less than 40 minutes ? I
    always hear it, that we need to exercise for at least 40 minutes until we
    begin to lose fat. Is that true ?
    Thanks for your videos, greetings from Belgium.

  5. Thanks man for the good stuff,!
    My question is, is this enough for all around full body workout?
    What I mean is, when losing fat body is needed but pump to the muscles is
    needed also, is it possible to achieve that by doing only that routine?


  6. Don´t have a lot of spare time and my daily schedule is all over the place.
    This could be just the thing I need. Thanks for the post.

  7. Amazing exercise.. realy pumps up everything… Thos who think that this 25
    min gonna be easy… Think again.. they will be equal to a full workout at
    gym or a day’s cardio..

    Thanks mite!

  8. peter lol what the fuck r u doing? people go to my page and ill show u how
    to play with dumbbells and look like me..no1 wants too look like this wack
    ass dude in this video

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