1. I love how people who think they know how to jumprope try to tell people
    how to jumprope. You can always tell if someone is a good a jump roper by
    close they keep there arms into there body not like fuck face Jonny who
    keeps his arms as far away from his body as possible. Lmfao u 5 foot midget

  2. Like a boss! I started jump roping last week again. I have to get better
    for sure, but i am having fun with it. Thanks Jonny!

  3. Will this help me lose a little bit of billy fat ? can’t seem to lose the
    fat i have on my tummy. I am far from fat. But i won’t to get my stomach as
    smooth/ flat as possible.

  4. Jonny, if you could, please do a video with less intensity? Something thats
    good for beginners. I just got my jump rope like a few months back. This
    was just too much of an expert video for me to handle right now.

  5. This run is only 7 min but you said that 10 to 15 min to burn is it OK at
    7ish min because of its intensity??????

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