The World’s No: 1 Fat Loss Exercise : Get 6 Pack Abs Fast Could this be the World’s No:1 Fat Burning Exercise? In this video Peter Carvell shows you a new kind of exercise called Extreme …
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  1. Why you don’t gather some of the best abs exercises in one video? Just
    saying. Nice video:) 

  2. Hi Everyone!

    In my latest video I show you a new kind of exercise that could possibly be
    the World’s No:1 Fat Burning Exercise. I call this a new kind of exercise
    Extreme Hyper Combo’s because it combines upper and lower body weight
    exercises with cardio exercise to help you burn fat fast and create a
    massive After Burn Affect in a very short time!

    So if you want to burn fat fast and get 6 pack abs then you will love this
    fat loss exercise!

    Don’t forget that you can still come and join us for our latest
    6WeekSixPack Challenge before midnight tonight! Join at

    Enjoy the exercise and let me know how you get on ok!
    Chat soon

    Peter Carvell
    Home Fitness Expert

  3. Thank you for free workouts man!! Would you say this is HIIT if you did 40
    seconds on 20 seconds off for 20 Min? Keep the combos coming :)

  4. Want to get shredded fast? Very simple , Do a lot of squats!!! And stop
    looking for shortcuts because there are now such ways in bb

  5. So just a full 15 minute of it right ? If this one compare to your video
    titled : “Burn 20 calories per minute with this bodyweight workout” which
    one the best for fat loss ?

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