1. I have been on steroids 20 years and my girl 5 years and I can attest to
    what Rich is saying here. If you think steroids will help with your fat
    loss, you are completely delusional. Weight training and cardio 2-3 times a
    week helps.

  2. I agree with the point that their is no ‘cutting steroid’, however
    professional bodybuilders don’t get ripped by their diet and cardio. They
    will bring in drugs like clen and T3. Also, Tren has been shown to get
    people a LOT leaner, their bodyweight will not drop but they will drop
    bodyfat whilst building muscle

  3. Talking about fat :
    i think i messed up with medications (for my injuries) and now my
    metabolism seems to be slowed a lot.
    Any suggestion?
    I used to have quiet fast metabolism :S

  4. Steroids must burn fat, if Pro Steroid Bodybuilders wasn’t on steroids
    would they be 280lbs plus of all muscle?? HELL NO! Of course it helps,
    training diet and training your ass off is not gonna get you ripped at such
    a huge weight but steroids will.

    I like how they say “Its not the steroids its my hard work” well stop
    taking steroids then and see if you still look like that 10 years/15 from

  5. why does everyone say this? people on steroids tell me they lose so much
    fat on tren and get vasvular with no diet and no counting macros or

  6. Do they burn fat? No, however if you take 500mgs of test 500mgs of tren and
    a high dose of some DHT compound you better believe you’ll be able to eat a
    fuckload of calories and stay relatively lean. If you eat what your
    maintance would be if you were off everything you would lose a shit load of
    weight. So in a way, they do have fat burning properties.

  7. this videos only half true. if you’re on enough tren and growth hormone
    then you can eat what the fuck you want and not gain fat. it will rip you
    up. roids will increase your muscle mass which in turn increases the amount
    of calories you burn too. if you just took roids and ate shit and did no
    cardio then yes, you’ll just look like a powerlifter, but roids definitely
    help with the fat burning.

  8. Steroids may not burn fat but when you build more muscle it will burn more
    calories the more muscle you have the more fuel you need to maintain them. 

  9. I love your vids rich but i have to say i disagree. I suppose its all how
    you word it. No most steroids dont “burn fat” but more muscle=more calorie
    consumption. But tren helps with nutrient partitioning. I think a lot of
    people like to give their cardio and diet a little too much credit. They
    dont take into account that they are on steroids or that their genetics
    allow them to stay at a low bodyfat year round. Take someone with bad
    genetics, hypothyroidism or whatever and no amount of clean eating or
    cardio will make them lose fat. Ive seen it and experienced it myself. 

  10. What ever happened to good old fashion hard work & dedication without the
    use of any drugs be it to build muscle or to loose body fat.

  11. THANK YOU for making this video! I am so sick of these dumb fucks that
    claim “i could get ripped like a bodybuilder if i took steroids” This
    drives me crazy when i hear it.

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