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  2. This is video is the reason why I hate the Internet sometimes. There is no
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    You have to eat a lot of low calorie foods and eat at least 5 times a day.
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  3. Woman’s body already contains the weight loss hormone, all you should do is
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  4. For all you kids out there who decide (again) to loose a lot of weight this
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    Just don’t expect to loose 150 pounds in 6 months and keep it steady.
    Health is a never ending marathon.

  5. How To Lose Weight: The Real Math Behind Weight Loss [Epipheo.TV]

    The narration is from an interview with me.

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  9. what i think is that 3500 calories rule didnt break in anyway, actually
    they didnt explained it in proper way. lets say after a week when u have
    lost 1lb(3500calories) u need to recheck how much calories u need and
    create a shortage of 500 calories accordingly. keep on doing the same once
    u have achieved the weight u have always wanted to. now, donot create any
    shortage and eat according to ur calori requirement. 

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  11. That didn’t really help.. thought they’d go into BMR and such. This is just
    pretentious bullshit. Fuck off.

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