How To Lose Arm Fat

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  1. I’m not a muscular person at all so I’m really surprised to notice the
    shape of my arm muscles after a bit over 2 weeks of working out with this
    video! 🙂 I do about 5 a week, I use 4.4 lbs weighs (2 kilos) and I’ve
    started running 3 times a week too.

  2. This venus factor thing people have mentioned in the comments
    below…….what a crock of poop, sorry to say but if you eat healthy and
    exercise all areas, you will loose weight, what most people lack is
    motivation. I am a type 1 diabetic have thyroid issues and also am lactose
    intollerent so i have to watch what i eat, but with these exercises along
    with healthy eating has helped me to shape up. This youtube channel is free
    and relatively easy to follow, the venus doo dah is costly and also
    american, where as youtube is reachable for everyone.

  3. I have been going to gym for 2 years and just realized I should have used
    lighter weight and do more reps. Should I switch to some lighter weight
    from now on? I always do shoulder press at the gym with 10 lbs dumbbell but
    I am only 4’11 and I see that you are only using a 3 lbs 🙁 

  4. thank you so much. i really love the video . i have been doing this for
    months. it works . i take protein milkshakes as well . because you have to
    have a good diet in order to get results. i didnt like my arms before now
    i love it. thank to you my body is perfect now

  5. Loved it! You are fun and inspiring! Would love a 15-20 minute video with
    half of it as a boot camp and half on the ground (abs, arms, butt/legs).
    🙂 “Total body” “Up & down workout” “Cardio + Toning” or such…

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