Fat Burning & Muscle Diet Plan

http://www.BuildHybridMuscle.com – GO HERE if you want more information about the Hybrid Diet and Hybrid Muscle Training. In this video Elliott shares his sy…
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  1. +Dakoyta Greenman
    *Glad it worked for you too dakoyta. I was also using it and was*
    *completely happy with the result.The program does it*
    *provides me with the nutritional knowledge that helps me*
    *provide body with exactly the right fuels it requires!*

  2. Looks like it may actually work , yet I heard of something I understand
    works. My nephew was overweight and he lost more than forty pounds. He
    looks great now. Look for it on Google. I believe it is Ziyonce Fat Lose
    Pin or something . He stands by it. Have you thought about it? 

  3. your body burns its energy sources in order, carbs are your main energy
    source, when carbs are expended your body switches to burning fats for
    energy, finally if the other two sources are completely depleted your body
    will begin to eat proteins ie. muscle tissue, which is if you cut carbs and
    fats to too far of an extreme. this is not to say that is progressively
    only uses carbs until they are empty, then transfers to fats until they are
    empty, then proteins. Your body, ordinarily will only use protein for
    survival in cases of extreme dieting or conditions such as anorexia

  4. Hey elliot. What iv heard is leptin is a master hormone which help build
    muscle. So wen ur carbs are low the leptin hormone is low which wont help u
    build muscle and burn fat at the same time. Is thisctrue? Or isit not
    better to eat alot of carbs so your leptin is high so you can build muscle.
    Abd isit really possible to burn fat and build muscle at the samevtime?

  5. I have a question, should we still workout on the fast day? Because your
    program has a workout on the same day I am fasting, is that ok? And is
    sugar free red bull ok to have on the fasting day? Thanks

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