Weekly Meal Prep for Weightloss

Hey loves, in this video I’m going to show you how I prepare my meals for the week on this Fit N’ Fine Journey. This is what I do on Sundays to stay on track…
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  1. It is impossible to lose fat without risk without ex­ercise properly and
    control the eating habits. D­rugs and pills will include harmful side

  2. Wonderful Meals! This has given me a lot of great ideas for making my meal
    plan for the week. I absolutely have to prep or I will be in trouble
    seriously. I love how you meals look all full of color and very elegantly
    done. Will you do, or have you done a video(s) on low carb desserts? I
    absolutely love the salsa idea you presented here and I’m going to try it.
    I am going to put my own spin on it to attempt to make some healthy type of
    all-purpose flavoring/seasoning for all types of meat, mainly chicken and
    shrimp and possibly rice and pasta. I have tried brown rice and it sucked
    big time but I think I will try it again as an accompaniment and not a main
    dish. Thank for your contribution to me living a healthier and disciplined
    lifestyle. I will keep watching and liking your videos. Good lookin’ out.
    Be blessed Ms. Naja;0)

  3. This was really helpful to see for those of us who are on the weightloss
    journey with you. Please post more vids on things you do to shed the pounds

  4. more meal prep recipes! lol. I wish I could meal prep, all my food would be
    gone when I came home from work. SMH.

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