3 Yoga Moves To Boost Your Metabolism & Help You Lose Weight!

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  1. wow @ 3.47…when i was younger,i could do all those moves,you are very
    flexible,is it because you do yoga? if so,sign me up lol thanks for
    sharing,love this video and you make it easy to follow and you have such
    good motivation :)

  2. i just want to say,thank you for this video,i love doing yoga and havent
    done it in a long time,also,you are so beautiful,im not a lesbien ,i just
    cant believe how pretty you are,you are very lucky :)

  3. i love this and your yoga moves made me do the splits and i have always
    wanted to do the splits but i couldn’t but now i can please post more
    videos like this one

  4. I will definitely try this. Thanks a lot. Also, lately I have started
    trying ExprezSliminizer which makes me lose about 10 pounds every week. I
    am really liking it a lot and wanted you all to try it too. Type
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  5. I watch your videos to uplift my mood. You’re truly blessed. Thanks so much
    for invoking so much positivity and motivation. Love and Hugs from India.

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  9. hi cassandra im pretty sure you probably wont read my comment but can you
    please do a video on yoga that slims your lower body

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