Belly Dancing : How to Lose Weight With Belly Dancing

Belly dancing is a beautiful art form, but it can also help you lose weight as well. Get trim while shaking your belly with help from a professional belly da…
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  4. I think what you are talking about is toning rather than over-all weight
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    true of the waist line as long as you follow the techniques I describe.
    However, if you want to loose actual body fat, you have to do things to
    raise your heart-rate which is known as “Cardio.” It’s impossible to loose
    fat only in one place. You can make an area bigger w/muscle and tone areas
    like arms/abs.

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  7. We wanted to use a unique background that was beautiful and had some Middle
    Eastern influence. I’m sorry you found them distracting. For a normal,
    full-length video I would be in a dance studio.

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