Tip For Breaking A Fat Loss Plateau

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  1. Chris man, you’ve taken me from “shit to fit” almost over night. Went from
    260lb down to 190lb thanks man and keep the tips coming

  2. Cris I’ve been watching your channel 2 years now trying to get it right.
    Iam making some progress. I believe for those two years I overtrain and now
    when I workout for just one day my body gets inflamed and can’t workout
    until I rest a full week but then it happens again. I think my adrenal
    glands are fatigued. How long u think it takes to recover from this because
    a week doesn’t seem to be enough.

  3. Im 15 .. been lifting 8 months I went on a super low calorie diet out of no
    where about 900 calories for 1 month went from 156 to 143 … stopped
    loosing weight .. so I did researrch and now I count macros .. and I went
    from 900 to 2300calories and I stayed 143 for 3 weeks so I assumed thwts my
    macros this time im lowering them slower I was at 143g of protein
    270-300carbs .. 55-60fats and I went to 170g protein 180 carbs 40g fats its
    been 2 weeks and im at 137 .. I think I might be doing this to fast .. and
    doing 7 days of cardio 20 min on a bicycle .. any tips should I higher my
    calories and find a maintnence or keep lowering carbs little by little and
    slow down o the cardio … I only started the cardio 1 week ago and im
    around 14-18% bf 

  4. I’ll try this out! I’m 5’6, 146.2lb male I’ve already lost 60lbs and I have
    been stuck for 3 weeks now. I lift 5 days a week do cardio(stair master)
    45min almost 7 days a week and eat about 1850 calories. 

  5. Chris i been cutting and i am losing alright weight but i would like to
    know how to build my cutting diet . I want to try to get to 7-9% body fat

  6. Hey Chris jones can u please make a video of hitting a platu with having no
    thyroid I had thyroid cancer n I take medication

  7. To average people who want to lose weight eventually, Copy and Paste Into
    Google Skinnimaker Routine so you can get started

  8. I’m glad I did everything he said during my cut, and it worked! It seems
    when it comes to bodybuilding, slow and steady always wins! Unless your on
    that SHIT!

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