Food To Lose Weight – These Top 10 Veggies Are The Best Foods To Lose Weight

Food to lose weight – really? More info here: Discover if protein is important to los…

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  1. If only someone could create chocolate cake flavored veggies. This is
    great info. Could you do a list of 11-20? Also, isn’t tomato actually a
    fruit? Speaking of which, could you do a list of the top fruits? Thanks

  2. What if I just have cucumber alone for breakfast and dinner? Will it be of
    great help in loosing weight? or it will not be a good diet? Please beep me
    back asap. Thanks :D

  3. If you have joint problems (arthritis): no tomatoes, no bell-peppers, no
    eggplant. Also known as nightshade family. 

  4. I agrree with the fact that all vegetables are healthy as they all provide
    an array of vitamins and nutrients that our bodies require. .. as for fat
    and sugar free products, that is a load of garbage.. fat and sugar free
    products contain fats and sugars and other nonsense and are double the
    price… avoid them at all cost…

  5. Balance diet is a big part in our daily lives. Not choosing for the right
    foods can lead you to obesity. Thanks!

  6. Great Information, thank you!

    I have almost ruined myself by dieting in order to reduce weight and my
    family was very worried, because i use to gain and loose weight abruptly.

    Luckily, I started using this “How To Eat” mobile app by lokesh which made
    me eat the right foods and in right way and using a game like points
    etc.and made it funny!
    now, i have reduce weight in a clean way.

  7. Great.Its just a shame that calorific restriction doesnt aid long term fat
    loss.Unless you have saeity,you wont maintain optimal fat levels.
    A high fat, low carb diet, is the only way to satisfy appetite and create a
    fat burning enviroment.”Hunger will always win” You will eventually succumb
    to evolution.

  8. I’ll eat veggies to enjoy shopping for beautiful clothing, liking my body
    and making my frienemies eat their hearts out! One in particular.

  9. I like vegetables, don’t get me wrong, but why don’t they taste SWEET! Some
    vegetables to me, taste bad. Why can’t they taste good like brownies and
    stuff? I guess you gotta take the pain to win the game, huh.

  10. No mention of Broccoli… any reason why? I thought Broccoli was really
    good for you.. it contains a lot of vitamin C (more than oranges) and Iron.

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