Weightloss Journey With AsiaLoveMusiq – Where It All Began

Hey guys I finally had the courage to post a picture of before and current to show you guys my progression.. throughout these episodes of videos I will be ta…
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  1. this brought tears to my eyes because i can relate so much. Good for you
    for losing weight. Now it’s my turn :}

  2. hi just found your channel .. cause i started a journey to find myself ..
    be happy and be able to go back on stage again … sometimes i am too
    scared to sing in public cause ppl you know judge so fast .. even if you
    re talented … cant wait to feel free to sing again …. thank you for
    your deep and true self ..very inspirationing <3 

  3. It’s so crazy how much I can relate to this. You are so strong, and you
    honestly inspire me. Keep up the good work! <3

  4. i think it is more harder for women or girls to loose weight it matters
    more where as boy or men the can just get over it 

  5. I love this video very inspirational without being so condescending I’m a
    new subbie and love ur videos! Sending u love from Compton California

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