Stronglifts 5×5 Fat Loss Method

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  1. +Elliott Hulse bro. 5×5 plan says that if you are going to do cardio, to
    do it after the 5×5 work out. I agree with this. You gotta have rest days.
    Doing HIIT training on 5×5 off days, like you say to do here, is not a good

  2. Hi Elliot. I watch almost all of your videos and have been trying to catch
    a moment of your time. I just started a powerlifting routine and I love it.
    It feels right .i feel led to do this. I am 41, 6’2″ and 375. I carry the
    weight well, I have no problems health wise and my BP is 126 over 65. But I
    want to absolutely slice the fat off so bad. How do I maximize
    strength…because I have a goal to compete in about a year, but how do I
    trim the fat like crazy without going bonkers trying to design my diet? I
    am hoping with everything that I have in me that you will do a post about
    my question. Thank you.

  3. If elliot was a sell out (which hes not) he’d be more popular than dr. oz
    without question. But he wont tell you that just drinking some lemon water
    will burn fat, because its not fuckin true, but people will buy into
    anything that sounds easy and gets results. oh well.

  4. Should I decrease the rest time in between sets and exercises to burn more
    fat? I feel like I won’t be able to lift as much if I go too fast.

  5. What would happen if i do this programs and eat calories equal to my
    METABOLIC maintainence.Will i still get stronger or…..?

  6. all i do is weight lift to failure and stay at a caloric deficit….
    aaannnnddd i lost tons of weight yet retained alot of my muscle.. zero
    traditional cardio included… then again i weight lift and keep my rest
    between sets short.. so.. its kinda like cardio in a way

  7. I am no expert but I don’t think you get hanging skin when losing weight in
    a natural way. You do get it when there is extreme weight loss very fast
    (as in through extreme diet or surgery). Otherwise your body has enough
    time to adjust even if you eventually do get some stretch marks but that’s
    nothing to really worry about.

  8. 7 min workout everyday before breakfeast , 4 meals including min 30 gr.
    protein and low fat , 5×5 workout 3 days a week = 90 days = so much
    difference. and can be done in toilet. ( i mean 7 min )

  9. a year later, i can tell you what happens, that excesive skin stays even
    though you train and eat like an athlete, but its not that bad, and if you
    keep your body fat at 15% or lower it doesnt look that bad. youll get used
    to it. the alternative (surgery) is really scary, you should read about it,
    i decided not to go with it.

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