1. +KJ Gulyban They now have 4 kids, and I do not think of her as being a
    hands-off parent, neither of them actually. I could be wrong, but it seems
    as though she would be with the kids. 

  2. The thing is, her husband cheated on her, but he’s pretty fat and
    unattractive (the two are mutually inclusive), so I’m surprised he did :(

  3. no way, I aint eating while i watch this! 😀 okay maybe little bit…:P
    good job BTW! Keep it up! Chris is awesome!

  4. I think it’s easy to to eat healthy if u only put healthy food into the
    house. Then when u have cravings, u have no choice but to eat something
    healthy or tough it out like a withdraw from an addiction. That’s what I do
    and I developed obliques besides having abs. I became the talk of my
    street. It’s not that hard, just don’t put the junk food into ur cart when
    u go shopping. After a while, u will feel guilty if u do put junk food into
    ur cart. Like u’re just not supposed to do that cos now u got muscles.

  5. These shows have gotten so gooey sappy huggy ‘I’m okay, you’re okay’.
    They’re not fun to watch any more.

  6. She should seriously dump this douche bag,he obviously only now cares
    because she looks so good now.Before he was a lazy sack of doody.

  7. This is axtually the 1st persin I see who lost half of her body weight. Its
    amazing, she looked so pretty and hot at the end !

  8. Alot of this is the Oprah backlash from the 80’s. The big thing was for
    Oprah to tell women they were beautiful no matter what. Well, guess what,
    that’s not true. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. If you get
    fat, male or female, expect to pay the price. You can’t have your cake and
    wallow in it too.

  9. 2 minutes in and she thinking about sex…how about a heart attack being
    your priority. This woman is emotionally unstable…ditch the lazy cheating
    spouse and get some pills…
    worthless husband and stupid wife, they should tell her husband to just
    stfu, if she was always so beautiful, why was he sleeping with her friends

  10. The six-month challenge was stupid and dangerous. She could easily have
    really injured her neck, back and shoulders. 

  11. Yesss!!! This is SO inspiring! Her and her husband look GREAT! WOW! I am so
    happy for them and for the reunification with her son. I would love to see
    how Kelly is doing along her weight loss journey. BEAUTIFUL people.

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