Extreme Weight Loss – “Nyla” ( Season 2 / Episode 5)

At 435 pounds, 27-year-old Nyla has had a lifelong struggle with her weight. Though she lives in Houston, she loves the food of Louisiana and orders ten poun…

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  1. She’s right….if you dont have the money to spend on food you do end up
    buying cheap convenience food. However, you need to know where to shop. If
    you do it all under one roof such as a supermarket then things will be
    dearer. Shop around places like markets and bargain shops. Even if it means
    going to 3 different places to complete your food shop its worth it.
    It bugs me when im in a supermarket and all i see is offers on the bad
    foods but hardly any offers on the healthy foods. Its like they want you to
    get big. 

  2. Some parts of the episodes doesn’t work, like when she is reading the
    letter from 52:32-1:12:51 20 minutes missing?

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