Extreme Weight Loss – “Tony” (Season 2 / Episode 1)

Overweight for as long as he can remember, Tony attributes his nutritionally unhealthy lifestyle and food addiction to an unstable family life throughout his…
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  1. I need help with something. I’m new to “reality tv.” (I know…I’m a bit
    behind the times.) I don’t understand how these people are being surprised
    by this fitness trainer. This guy and his wife are tasting wedding cakes in
    a shop and suddenly the guy shows up and surprises them. But how? Isn’t
    there a film crew already in the shop? He and his wife would already have
    to be wearing body packs, right?–in order to be mic’d up? Can someone
    explain the format? I don’t think this makes any sense, but I know it’s
    quite popular, so I want to understand.

  2. Hearing about Marcus dying like that, it scares the shit out of me because
    my brother has his own mental and physical disabilities and its like their
    there and then all of a sudden they are not and I just can’t imagine our
    lives without that smile.

  3. I think the film crew is there with the contestants and filing them. Maybe
    they tell them this is being filmed in case you are chosen. So I think the
    crew knows when chris will show up while the contestants do not. Just what
    I think, makes sense to me.

  4. Why do these makeover show hosts always have that nasally, “gay” (Yes, its
    a stereotype for a reason, so shoot me) voice?

    Also, that skin removal doctor is like a damn cartoon character, or
    possibly Mr Rogers.

  5. Tony should help Wally from season 1 or hang out with Dana the gospel
    singer XD. Also screw you Leslie >BP

    But seriously Tony has the saddest strongest story ever T^T SUPPORT T^T

  6. If his fiance would have lost weight she would have been hot. Oh well. His
    new women isn’t that bad, but her face is too strong

    that I love you because he looks like S L J okay just me ;'( i need more

  8. I get really pissed off seeing his wife put sticks in the wheels. So
    typical she wants to drag him down with her just because she is to fucking
    weak to change.

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