Tapping on Body Confidence and Weight Loss

In this video I share a tapping session led by Jessica Ortner author of The Tapping Solution for Body Confidence and Weight Loss. check it out here: https://…
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  1. Awesome Jessica…I know that it’s really frustrating to be fat while
    others are enjoying the life… Discover now the 7 secrets to lose weight
    revealed by the experts , The 7 Golden Tips available for FREE!

  2. Thank you so much for this ladies. I will definitely be trying it more.
    With this short session alone I broke down in tears. Any idea why? I was
    doing it for over eating. Looking forward to hearing back. Sat nam. 

  3. I did the few rounds with you lovely ladies, and I have to abmit, I choked
    up and got tears in my eyes. I have serious food issues though out high
    school and am still recovering. I had a lot of guilt with food that
    encouraged my issue with anorexia, I luckily was able to coach myself out
    of it with the help of my, now, husband but food still upsets me and causes
    me to fel guilty. I constantly look in the mirror at my stomach and think
    negative thoughts about my body, which I know I should now do. But this
    really helped and im definitely going to get my hands on that book. Thank

  4. Thanks ladies – I’m gona give this a whirl – whenever I’m hurt I
    instinctively tap my chest – so lest see what happens xx

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