How Does Intermittent Fasting Maximize Fat Loss? – Min Max Fitness – Episode 1

This is my first video in my instructional series dubbed “Min-Max Fitness,” which covers three very important things that I followed for both fat loss and mu…
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  1. You have to regularly monitoring your weight, setting realistic goals
    getting helps from family and friends for weight reduction safely and

  2. So Many Ignorant Comments… Intermittent Fasting works bottom line. God
    didn’t create a silly weak body that starts eating itself if it didn’t eat
    every moment lol I gotten the most Muscle mass and fat loss through fasted
    training and all my clients had the same results!! if your thinking about
    fasting do it and don’t listen to ignorant people and try it for yourself..
    word to the wise dont let no body know your fasting your first montth so no
    body can throw you off course .check this link out by Brad Pilon

  3. wow i didnt know that i am actually doing the Intermittent fasting when i
    lost 120 lbs 300lbs to 180lbs ideal weight for 5″11. i eat dinner at at 6
    pm and i didnt eat breakfast before going to school i only eat lunch at
    school at 12pm which means i didnt ate for 16 hours actually sometimes i
    dont eat at lunch and eat after school and its 3pm which means i didnt eat
    for 19 hours. and when eat i only eat noddles at lunch and fishballs after
    school i even eat one pack of junk food and an ice tea back then and i
    drink a lot of water. my work out back then is i lift two 14 lbs dumbbells
    and i only do biceps and triceps. from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm and before 5 i go
    to the court and play from 5pm to 8pm somtimes until 9pm. but that all
    happned when im only 16 years old. now and im 240 pounds again and 24 years
    old. maybe ill go to the gym. 

  4. I tried it I’m not super obese slightly out of shape and when I tried it I
    didn’t really have energy when I did cardio am I doing some thing wrong?

  5. def inspired me to start working out again. I was always a big big kid and
    teenager too and i have had some success as an adult losing like 70-80 lbs
    but this last 30 or so is just frustrating and i have just accepted it. i
    feel like i can break it down now! so pumped

  6. Most people, especially those who read the muscle mags, think that even
    short term fasting will destroy muscle and strength gains, which is
    patently false. The human body is “designed” to survive, even thrive in a
    state of hunger. Survivalists in the wild regularly go days and even weeks
    without a substantial meal, and it doesn’t hurt their body one bit. Danny
    Kavadlo fasts regularly and that man has stacks of muscle and god-like
    strength. Humans are meant to be hungry, and once you do get a good meal,
    your body makes much better use of the food it does get.

  7. dry fast as long as you can (up to a few days)
    a meal ever other day should be an easy goal for most peeps to reach

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