1. Wow… I remember watching the episode of the twins when she first came on
    and talked about it and how her son died. How ironic and extremely tragic,
    but I’m glad she’s getting through this is a positive light. That can’t be
    easy. Losing a child is a parent’s worst nightmare I’m sure.

  2. So heartbreaking, That’s a Great way to honor her beautiful son by honoring
    his Wishes! Hopefully healing her heart at the same time! 

  3. Wow, Mary looks way better than her sister Ruth now. Good for you, Ruth and
    I know your sons so proud of you. Keep going for him!!

  4. Boy I thought that she was going to die and leave him but that was the
    other way around. I hope heaven is better than what you had on earth

  5. Omg! I am so so very sorry she lost her son. He wanted her to live and
    tragically lost his own life. I am glad she is surviving through it

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