How To Stay Motivated To Lose Weight – The Psychology of Weight Loss Success

How To Stay Motivated To Lose Weight — Learn the nuances of how to give good advice, and the problems with giving advice in the fi…

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  2. Thumbs up for offering real advice and not trying to sell a weight loss
    product. Thanks for the motivation! I agree 100% that we need to find a
    “muse” to succeed at weight loss. My muse is international travel. FYI, my
    trick (that is working for me now) is to skip the gym and do
    walking/hiking… why? Because if I am in a gym I can quit immediately and
    drive home. If I quit my walk/hike I still need to walk back home.

  3. I would like to say first, Thank you for this video! Defiantly got me
    motivated, which is my biggest problem. I’ll set goals, print out pictures
    (of flat stomachs), set reminders etc but after two weeks I give up. But
    after this video you set it straight and didn’t sugar coat it. So I’ve
    promised myself that I’m really going to try.

    So I’m 15 years old and have been ‘bigger’ then all the other girls in my
    high school, which is stressful and defiantly lowers my self esteem. I’ve
    been this way ever since I was in the 5th grade to be honest.

    I’m 5’3 (5’4 on a good day) and weigh 160 pounds but my only problem area
    is my stomach and back.
    At this height I would love to be 115 pounds which means I have to lose 45
    pounds minimum.
    I really want to do this for myself. I planned out a strict ‘diet’ which is
    only salad, chicken, eggs, bagels and water and a tea I ordered online that
    helps replenish your digestive system, reduce bloating and assists with
    weight loss.
    I’m ready to get started and am fairly confident I can do it in maximum 5
    months, since I will run on the treadmill everyday.

    Any other tips now that I have my story out there? Thank you for the
    motivation and I’ll be back in 5 months to let you know:)

  4. Very motivating video, but I would not advise people to create such huge
    calorie deficits. Just eat healthy (fruits and vegetanges as much as
    possible) and exercise. Do not avoid good carbs please! Staying hungry when
    you are trying to lose weight is NOT ok. :)

  5. Motivation has always been my biggest problem, I always feel super
    motivated and inspired in the beginning but then always about 2 weeks later
    I’ve given up. I use things that are very important to me to try and
    motivate me but it never seems to last long.. I have about 100 lbs to lose.
    It’s definitely an intimidating goal for myself. Hopefully I’ll be able to
    make a change before 100 lbs turns into 200lbs to lose. Idk what’s

  6. Thank you so much!
    Im 15 and I want to lose 10K. Im in a boarding school and so watching my
    calories is really hard. What would be an advice you would give me?

  7. You deserve so much more subscribers, all your video LITERALLY changed my
    life. I just want to say thank you SO very much!!! 

  8. I started going to the gym 5 days a go and i’m still confidant and
    motivated but the hardest part for me is when i go to work , the area i
    work in have so many restaurants and the smells of the food tortures me
    that’s the hardest thing and so far i haven’t broke my diet , i wan’t to
    stay motivated like this and fight these urges to break the diet but my
    biggest concern and the most thing i think about is that i might not lose
    weight . btw my current weight is 229 lbs 

  9. I’m 15 and weigh 191 I work out everyday Mon – Fri but it is so hard for to
    lose weight. Can you please help? I need to change I have been over weight
    all my life.

  10. is it bad to set a goal time wise? so if i want to lose 20kg, 500g per week
    (which i think is achievable?) then im saying to myself in ten weeks i will
    have lost 20kg. is that okay to put a time limit on it? or should i just
    say i want to lose 20kg regardless of the time it takes? because im worried
    about what to do/what i will think of myself if i dont hit that goal
    because of slip ups. btw great video this is so helpful

  11. Hey there I couldn’t have noticed that you forgot very
    important thing – water. I managed to lose 88 pounds in about 7-8 months,
    but I was working my ass off… And drinking lots of water was very
    important thing for me back then. The reason I’m watching this video is
    that I lost my motivation in process because of holiday seasons and after
    that i gained about 40 pounds back and now I just can’t get that motivation
    back, so I’m becoming to feel desperate, cause nothing works.. But I’ll try
    the method you have just pointed out in this video and I’m hoping it’ll
    help me to get back on my track.

  12. I have been working on my weight on what seems like forever. My max weight
    was 260 lbs I’m down to 223 lbs my goal is 190 180lbs. But I am not
    satisfied with my first results. I still feel and look biggish I feel fat
    but not like I used to. And now you have helped out a bit on it thank you.
    I’m going to work my ass off to get this done no matter what it takes. 

  13. About a year and a half ago I lost about 35 pounds, I was motivated for
    myself to be healthy, comfortable, & confident. Because of these factors I
    lost the weight, but now a year and a half later, I have gained my weight
    back, why? Because I had made decisions, eating habits that were restricted
    so much I was not motivated to stay on that healthy lifestyle forever. For
    the past 11 months I have been trying to loose weight again, I tried so
    hard to stay on track, but I just kept giving up. I have been very down on
    myself for not loosing weight because of how uncomfortable I feel, & why I
    let myself gain it back. I would try to loose weight not for myself, but
    for the simple reason of how others viewed me, and the weight wouldn’t come
    off. Here I am now, so motivated to do whats healthy for me. Out of
    curiosity rather than watching someone else’s weight loss journey, I
    clicked on this video. I realize wow what he is talking about is exactly
    how I lost weight, I realize that I wanted to loose weight not for anyone
    else but for myself, that I took everyday one step at a time, I realize
    that weeks into my diet / workout plan It was no longer a struggle but just
    a habit, I realize that the beginning was hard but the end was relatively
    easy, I realize that I did it & I can do it again, & last but not least I
    realize now how comfortable, confident, and healthy I was approaching my
    ultimate goal weight and that is my motive. This time its for me, & I know
    it will happen. Im living proof of this, & I know you all can do this too
    because It is possible, if you want it for all the right reasons. This
    video is inspiring and it connects to me and my experiences, thank you for
    this video!! -Sophia

  14. i am trying to lose weight, but i always eat without thinking, what i mean
    is, if i go to the fridge to make some lunch, i’ll be eating out of the
    fridge while finding things for lunch. i do it without thinking and i
    really want to stop. do you have any tips?

  15. I have an eating disorder. I’ve been constantly going to the gym, but I
    can’t lose weight because of my addiction, and it’s been rough. Any advise?

  16. thaank you for this inspiring video , I also want to loose 60 pound! and I
    started diet this week and do workout , My motivation is I want to change
    how the people look at me and increase my self confidence , I was depressed
    and Isolated my self for last whole year and started to gain over 60
    pounds, now I really hate my body shape 🙁 and, I cant not even take a
    picture of myself!! , and ashamed to go out and see people! ….. so I
    decided to change my life and that bad image of my self! 

  17. Do you have any tips for motivating yourself in a big family where nobody
    else is dieting. I find it difficult to stay on track

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