How to Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind

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  1. great job with that woman who wanted to have stomach surgery.
    my cousin had her stomach stapled. she came back from the hospital and the
    staples came undone five days later. she bled to death on the bathroom
    floor. they found her toddler son crawling around her body.
    she was only 43.

  2. Just like bears getting into garbage dumps! and that coyote that sneaks
    over our 6′ backyard wall in the city to shop for chickens and bunnies to

  3. @Liz Darianne check out the raw vegan lifestyle. I looove it. 🙂 works for
    me. I’m about to eat some berries and a whole watermelon. Check out Megan
    elizabeth, dara dubinet, matt monarch, and freelea !

  4. Definitely, plus animal products and some grain products,… makes for top
    health, but definitely the fruits and vegetables are equally crucial as the
    others. All in balance and moderation as ones body prudently indicates.

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