REAL ways to LOSE WEIGHT | Healthy Life Hacks

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  1. Hey y’all I hope everything is great!! I tried to make this video as fun as
    I can while I shared some of the hacks I used in my life to help me lose
    more than 15 lbs. Most of these are simple life changes that you can make
    right now so let’s do this thing!!! #TeamHealthyLifestyle

  2. Weight depends on height. I’m 4 feet and 11 inches and I’m suppose to be
    100 pounds. I’m about 150 pounds I should say, I have trouble with losing
    weight. Anything I eat it makes me fat, I’m on a diet and I still gain
    weight. Oh and by the way, I am 14 years old. (:

  3. Girl u look gorgeous before but damm u look amazing I am gonna take some of
    these tips and put them into my daily routine!! Love u!!!!

  4. How many calories did U eat everyday? Also, I was wondering if it is
    possible to lose 8 kg (15 pounds) in a month? Btw I love your videos! Keep
    up the good work. 🙂 

  5. whoa! i haven’t seen your videos in a while (since june) and i immediately
    can see the difference on your face, congrats

  6. Girl, you are so fit! You look amazing! I also love detoxing. It just makes
    me feel better, especially if I splurged on fast food. Make more healthily

  7. I bought Those mason jar cups at Walmart, they are so cheap and extremely
    cute. They actually make me want to put a drink in it because it’s so cute

  8. Yay I love healthy lifestyle videos!! Please do more recipes. I also have a
    question for u! is whole wheat pasta bad for you with just olive oil on it
    mixed with veggies or a very simple tomato sauce

  9. Do squats actually work your legs? I did the 30 day squat challenge and my
    butt just got a little shaped (?).
    Loving the videos :D

  10. I’ve been watching a bunch of YouTube videos but almost none of them have
    any actual good information and hacks to use when losing weight but when I
    found your video you helped me a lot! Thank you so much! 

  11. Did you say 150 or 115? Because if it’s 115, then I’m definitely
    overweight… I’m really broad shouldered – always have been – and that
    makes me look bigger then I really am. I’ve lost 50 pounds on my own by
    doing some exercizes and eating less, and what I do eat is healthy
    (although where I live, anything healthy costs an arm and a leg. The
    troubles of living in Rural Alaska!). I don’t care about my weight, per
    say, I just want to get rid of my belly fat. I weigh 125 and I’m sixteen,
    5’4 1/2. Some doctors say that’s healthy, others say no -I don’t really
    care, honestly. No matter what size you are, people are going to hate on
    you and tease you, you have to be happy with your weight, as at the end of
    the day, it is YOUR body. However, I have never been happy with my body –
    not when I was anorexic, not when I was obese. I just gotta work harder, I
    guess. Thank you for this video! There were a lot of helpful tips in here.

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